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Grace Edgewood Travels the World from Their Armchairs

Posted 12/13/2019

Grace Edgewood activities director Holly Goeppinger started an adventurous monthly activity for the residents to participate in. Every month, Grace Edgewood goes on an “armchair adventure.” Before “traveling,” Holly researches a destination they will travel to, finding fun facts, trivia and the foods and desserts that are popular in that specific region.

Holly started the adventures in September, when they traveled to Australia. Holly asked if anyone in the group has visited the destination before, if so then she asked them to share their experience there. Then, they read some fun facts and did a little trivia. Lastly, she played a video that displayed the destination and the residents watched with traditional food from the destination.

While in Australia, residents indulged in delicious scones and berries with powdered sugar as they learned about the Great Barrier Reef and all its beauty. They also learned about the indigenous animals such as kangaroos, wombats, emus and the platypus, and viewed many beautiful sites of Australia.

Each month is a different destination, so in October they went to Salem, Massachusetts for a Halloween edition of armchair travels. November’s destination was Poland. From this travel they learned about Polish history and sampled pierogis and pineapple glazed polish sausage.

What better way to learn about a culture and try their foods than from the comfort of an armchair! What a cool idea from Grace Edgewood!

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